lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

English Practice- Likes and Dislikes/Vocabulary

Practice new vocabulary. Sing along to the songs of the week. Enjoy and have, tomorrow we will sing them in class again ! 

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Emily Correa
14 de agosto de 2012, 14:48

Hello Miss Krizia . I love the videos .Andrea C. 3a :)

Shirley Aspiazu
14 de agosto de 2012, 19:55

14 de agosto de 2012

Hello Miss Krizia and Miss Lucy.I love you. And i love the video that you put in blog.You`re beautiful techers.You`re my bests teachers of english and spanish ;)
Carlos Luis Guzman 3ro A

Leandro Moreno
15 de agosto de 2012, 4:43

Dear Miss Krizia:

I like so much the fruits and vegetables. I eat everyday in my home, my mom prepare in my lunch.


Milton Velez
15 de agosto de 2012, 4:54

I like it very much.

Ana Paula Vélez

Davide Cedeño
18 de agosto de 2012, 20:02

Miss Krizia.
The videos are excelentes.

Third Basic
20 de agosto de 2012, 14:24

Thank you my dear kids for visiting the blog and being great students.

I send you a big hug. :)

Jacqueline Ibarra de Teran
20 de agosto de 2012, 15:05

Hi Miss Krizia
Thanks for the videos. I liked 2 of them. I didn´t like the last one.
Luis Alberto Teran Ibarra

Adriana Gruezo
30 de agosto de 2012, 15:03

I like chicken and fish. I dont like candy. Doménica Andrade 3A

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