jueves, 27 de diciembre de 2012

Time has past so fast and the school year is about to finish. We feel so happy to see you've done a great year and we have had so much fun learning together. Now it is time to study even harder, final evaluations are coming . Read below the contents to study.  

Reading-Word Recall-Spelling
·         Stories
Where is Baby Bear?    No More Sweets             Who Will Play?                The Storm 
A Trip to the Zoo             Where I Live
·         Literary Elements and Reading Skills:
-Title, author, characters, setting, plot
-Predict-Locate information in text-Answer questions
-Identify true and false statements, sequence-
 Reality and Fantasy-Compare and contrast
·         Word Recall-Spelling
Check Logos Workbook and notebook, vocabulary from stories
-Nouns and Adjectives
-Capitalization and Punctuation
-Expressing Ongoing Actions : Present Progressive
-Writing about routines: Simple Present
-Answering wh-(informative questions) and yes/no
-Contractions: Subject pronoun + Be
-Types of sentences: asking, telling, exclamatory
   and commands.
-Writing a paragraph to describe:  a community
  worker, a family member, a friend, an animal
   and oneself
My country pg.8 ,9
Patriotic Symbols pgs.11,12,13
Our body pgs.22,23
The Senses pg.32
Staying Healthy pgs. 50,51

Living and Non living pgs. 58
Plants: parts and needs pgs. 62,64
Animals pgs. 68, 69
Community workers and places pgs. 80,81
Being a Good Citizen pgs. 83,84

martes, 18 de diciembre de 2012

Christmas is one of the most special times in the year!!!  Christmas carols are an essential part of the Christmas season, so be ready and and sing along to these Christmas carols videos. Have fun and feel the Christmas spirit!!!
Carol Singers


Make Your Own Christmas Tree Card

domingo, 9 de diciembre de 2012

Time has gone soooooo fast that it's time for evaluations again. Second Partial is about to end , so its time to study. Check the contents that will guide you to have a great exam !


Story: The Storm
Skills: Identify Narrative Elements ( title, author, setting, characters, plot, problem, solution, message, values) Drawing Conclusions, Author's Purpose, Answering Transferring  Questions, Writing sentences and definitions using vocabulary words.
Check LWB pgs. 95 to 98
Check Activities in NB 
Re-read story in SB


Identify parts of speech ( noun, verb, adjective) , Giving advices using Should/Shouldn't , Write sentences describing people and animals (using adjectives) , Writing a descriptive paragraph about community workers, Capitalization and Punctuation.
Check LWB pgs 99 to 103 
Check Activities in NB


Block 6 : People and Places in the Community (pgs. 80-81-82)Being a Good Citizen (pgs. 83-84)