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Contents II Partial Evaluations

Reading –Word Recall- Spelling Sept. 5 (Wednesday)
v No More Sweets
v No TV Day (mini reader)
Study from activities: NB, SB pgs. 99-110, LWB pgs. 59- 62-64-71-72
Grammar-Writing-Listening Sept. 10 (Monday) 
v Expressing Likes and Dislikes
v Expressing Daily Routines (Simple Present)
v Commands
v Types of Sentences
v Writing a paragraph to describe oneself and others
v Writing a recipe 
Study activities from NB, SB 111-112-116-117-118, L WB pgs. 66-68-69-74-76, PB pgs. 50-51-53-54

Environment:  Sept. 7 (Friday)
v Eating Healthy  (pgs 51-52)
v Healthy Habits (53-54)
Study from your Environment workbook pgs.51-52-53-54 and also practice with the songs in the blog. 

Practice playing with these online games.... HAVE FUN!!! 

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