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Contents for 3rd Term Evaluation

Time has past so fast and the school year is about to finish. We feel so happy to see you've done a great year and we have had so much fun learning together. Now it is time to study even harder, final evaluations are coming . Read below the contents to study.  

Reading-Word Recall-Spelling
·         Stories
Where is Baby Bear?    No More Sweets             Who Will Play?                The Storm 
A Trip to the Zoo             Where I Live
·         Literary Elements and Reading Skills:
-Title, author, characters, setting, plot
-Predict-Locate information in text-Answer questions
-Identify true and false statements, sequence-
 Reality and Fantasy-Compare and contrast
·         Word Recall-Spelling
Check Logos Workbook and notebook, vocabulary from stories
-Nouns and Adjectives
-Capitalization and Punctuation
-Expressing Ongoing Actions : Present Progressive
-Writing about routines: Simple Present
-Answering wh-(informative questions) and yes/no
-Contractions: Subject pronoun + Be
-Types of sentences: asking, telling, exclamatory
   and commands.
-Writing a paragraph to describe:  a community
  worker, a family member, a friend, an animal
   and oneself
My country pg.8 ,9
Patriotic Symbols pgs.11,12,13
Our body pgs.22,23
The Senses pg.32
Staying Healthy pgs. 50,51

Living and Non living pgs. 58
Plants: parts and needs pgs. 62,64
Animals pgs. 68, 69
Community workers and places pgs. 80,81
Being a Good Citizen pgs. 83,84

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